Friday, November 4, 2011


Often we hear people say, "Someday I'm going to take a trip or start a new hobby." Well for you, today may be that someday! As our new lives in the single world move on through the calendar year, it is time to take a mental inventory of what we would like to accomplish now that we are alone.

What would you like to do that you haven't done in a long while? Take a road trip? Buy a new outfit? Go out with some friends for a nice lunch?

Have you made a list of things you would like to do? It's good to write things down. After I retired, I started keeping a calendar so I wouldn't forget things that are going on in my life; big things and little things. I don't want to miss an opportunity to enjoy what time God has given me here on earth -- I want to remember that I have a play date with my granddaughter, an important function at my church, or a tea with my special Red Hat friends. Keeping a calendar has saved me from embarrassment many times and will most likely continue to do so!

Road Trip:
If you have transportation, a short road trip would be a wonderful way to get out of those four walls that seem to keep you hidden from the rest of the outside world. It would be twice as much fun if you call a friend and ask that person to join you on your small adventure. Put on a cheery outfit, some makeup and go get em! This is also a nice excuse to have "lunch on the go."

Visit a Friend:
Always a good way to spend your time...visiting a friend. As we age, a lot of seniors do not own or operate a car any longer. Calling and scheduling a visit would be a perfect opportunity to lift their spirits and yours! Find an inexpensive gift i.e. maybe a package of tea, a biscotti from the local coffee shop, a card, just something to bring a little sunshine into your friend's life!

Find a Hobby:
Read a book, scrapbook, take up crafting i.e. needlepoint, crocheting or knitting, all great ways to spend your time. You never know what your "hidden" God-given talent or gift is until you search and pray for Him to show you. Chances are, you are already very aware of your gifts, however, because you have been in a sea of grief for a long while, the gift or talent may be hidden under those feelings and using that gift might just help brighten your outlook.

This is a huge help to others and will help you, as well. Find a group or organization that could use your assistance and "dig right in." Most churches love to have people volunteer for different projects throughout the year. Salvation Army has Angel Trees for the Christimas holiday. Pick an angel off the tree and help a child or senior citizen who is less fortunate. Offer your services at a local hospital or the library. A senior community center is another place to help. The possibilities are out there and it will help you move over those emotional hurdles that have weight so heavily on you.

Love one another....serve one for one another!

Not someday --- BUT TODAY!!
Galatians 5:13,14 "....through love serve one another" "....You shall love your neighbor as yourself"


  1. This is a great blog, and I will be forwarding it to my mom and others going through loss while also starting a new beginning. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear T.Forehand -- Thanks for your kind words -- and do feel free to forward to your mom and others that you feel might be able to benefit or feel encouraged --