Monday, October 10, 2011

Simplicity is SIMPLE!

Philippians 4:19 "And my God shall supply ALL your need according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ"

I have become a fan of "SIMPLE." It's taken a couple of years to figure this out. Having to move several times, before my husband passed away and then twice since that difficult event. Every time I relocate my possessions become less and less. Things that I thought were priorities have either been sold, donated or thrown away. Of course, I love "things" but I am earnestly trying to buy less of them. Downsizing seems inevitable. As our children become grownups and move away, we are left with boxes and bins of "this and that" accumulated with a mental label, "KEEP THIS" or "REMEMBER WHEN...." It is stashed in our attics, garages and closets much like the National Archives but on a smaller scale.

As time progressed, I became accountable for so much "stuff" like some kind of family curator. Now that I've moved into a smaller space, these items are weighed, tested and proven to be either necessary or expendable. There is actually a great deal of freedom in clearing out clutter. My mind doesn't keep track of the item any longer. (I read that once about our mind keeping mental inventory of every possession we have stored, stashed and ferreted away).

I noticed that since simplicity has come to live in my home, I have more time. Being widowed and retired offers new opportunities for thinking, doing and living in general. Not so much concerned any longer with the urgencies of a hectic, boiler room job, I read more, write more, and volunteer. Service to others is essential and has been very fulfilling. Find something that brings you joy and do it!

What could you do to "bring simple" into your home?

What unnecessary items are stowed in your archives?

Could those unwanted items be "gifted" to someone who might be in need of them?

What could you do to serve others?

"Now where did I put that recital costume from 1950? Maybe I'll make a shadow box someday and display it." Yepper, see what I mean???


  1. What a great blog! I will help to spread the word. Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much Kathi! I appreciate it :)

  3. "I noticed that since simplicity has come to live in my home." Love that - I too need to downsize because in a few years I plan on moving to an apt. I just am not cut out for caring for a lawn and all the other stuff that comes with owning a home. You have such a good heart and such kind eyes. Jude Wardle speaks well of you.

  4. It does become a bit overwhelming to handle all the maintenance and mechanical issues -- I moved into such a small apt at first and sorting through the various things and donating some, selling some and keeping only a few things was in a way a kind of therapy for me -- as I've made friends in the circle of older ladies -- I notice they have various collections -- I have tried to limit my collections to one curio shelf -- very difficult -- and books! well, I'm an avid reader - had to become friends with local library :) Jude is a wonderfully dedicated lady and has a great sense of humor -- just absolutely treasure her friendship -- thanks again, Barb --