Friday, October 7, 2011

Starting the Journey

Jer 15:8 "Their widows will be increased to Me more than the sand of the seas..."

"Starting the Journey" is about all of us that have experienced either the recent passing of our spouse or a loss from long ago. No matter which one of these categories you fall into, this walk is likely the most difficult life changing event you will ever go through. My idea for this particular blog came from a dear Christian writer friend, Kathi Macias. She suggested while I'm completing my writing project on widowhood, I sit down and start a blog that might help YOU and others like you and your trip through the maze of concerns and questions that arise after becoming a widow.

This blog is intended primarily to connect widows with others and hopefully a tool for discussion, a place where you can find helpful information on relevant topics such as health, finances, social rebuilding, emotions, spiritual growth and faith, friendship, travel, etc.

It would be appreciated if you would forward this blog to others that you know are having difficulty walking this path. Together we can find our way through those dark days that hit at random moments which come to light such as; places that strike a sentimental memory, special photos and possessions. These memories are like a "life mine field" striking at the most unexpected times, not just anniversaries or birthdays but sometimes occurring while walking down an aisle at the grocery store or hearing a particular song playing in the background.

Please, if you would, do not hesitate to make comments. This is as much about YOU as it is about my experiences.

I welcome comments from anyone and would love to hear your stories.

Here's to US and our walking this road together! More to follow.....

Patty "Nana1945"

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