Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Retirement is NOT for Wimps!

Ok, so you are RETIRED....what do you do now????

You ever feel like you just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head? Just stay in your pj's all day....? Stay plugged into to the television and snack all day???

These things are not HEALTHY -- You were designed for movement, activity and connection to others.

After working in one capacity or another for approximately forty years, raising four children and busy everywhere everyday...I was widowed, had to retire and I was thrown into an unknown and very strange environment. What do I do with my time? How do I fill up my days?

Recalling how special weekends were when I worked and how much I looked forward to them...now the days kind of fade into each other.

I still have to put everything on a calendar, making sure I don't forget an important event or remember when to pickup my daughter-in-law at work or granddaughter from school.

But days blur sometimes.....then EPIPHANY! -- one day it just hit me....I needed to set goals, get some structure into an otherwise unstructured existence. It was time!

Eventually, I got a sort of routine established. I get up, talk to God (He loves me to tell Him "Good Morning" -- beautify myself (grinning), take Mattie (my fluffy beagle) out for a brisk morning walk and then get on the computer.

Check email, Facebook, other important websites (bills and banking), Pinterest, etc -- then twiddle my thumbs for a moment while I figure out my day and how it shapes up.

I make sure I always get out of these four walls at least once per day. It may be a trip to the local "Starbucks" for a green tea or to drop by the library and peruse the "large print" section -- (yepper, I love reading large print books -- less eye strain)....hey it works for me! Visiting some of my friends is also something I love to do. Then those good old household chores have to be done and setting aside time to read (to exercise my mind).

I volunteer and help seniors in my community and also have gotten myself involved in a widow's group and a weekly Christian singles group at church.

Keep connected folks! You need those hugs and smiles, those reassuring positive experiences in your lives -- don't isolate yourself from others! I cannot stress that enough! Love and hug on each other, it's what we do!

There are so many things that can fill up your day -- Don't forget to give plenty of time to Him....our Creator -- He wants to hear from us everyday...not just when we want something -- just thank Him for all you have -- Prayer is our conversation and connection with God...

Philippians 4:19..."And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus"

He is our Provider and provides us with time to go about helping and reaching out to others....don't hide yourself from those who need you -- seek them out and give them a hug and a smile -- it does wonders!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a nana too, with two grandkids in high school. I've just retired, not that I wanted to, but because multiple sclerosis treatments took me out of the classroom. I do spend too much time on Facebook and email, and recognize that. But I have self-published and given away many copies of my six titles. Now if I could just sell them! That was the plan, to supplement my pension.

    I like your positive energy, and will keep checking here for more uplifting thoughts.

    Oh, and I do pray each day, too, but to Mary - as a woman, I've always felt a special connection to her. I trust her intercession on my behalf.

    I'm happily married, over forty years, and we're living our happily ever after now ... frugally :)