Friday, January 6, 2012

Walk a Mile In Who's Shoes?

Ever suffer from an "envious" attitude? How many times have I heard, "I would just once like God to bless me with this or that." I'm sure many of us would relate to that comment. We've desired a bigger, better home, a fancier television, a car that didn't run on "a prayer"...There's nothing wrong with trying to achieve goals and improve one's living conditions -- However, it shouldn't become an obsession to want what someone else has just because they have it and we don't.

A great deal of envy is generated by the media which strives to make celebrities' lives appear "glamorous" and set up athletes as gods(lower case g), make everyone go into debt to acquire the newest and latest technological gadget and drive the car that has all the bells and whistles no matter how much it costs or the most lavish house on the block -- if the people around the corner have it SO CAN I!

Even when it comes to the weather, we are not content there! If it's cold for a succession of days, weeks and months, we are heard saying, "I sure wish it would warm up." Then, comes the summer and it's hot, then hotter and then the hottest season on record we say, "I wish it were cooler."

Discontent and envy -- something each one of us struggle with, sometimes on a daily basis. Our needs and wants are so interwoven, sometimes it's difficult to distinguish which is which!

As we settle into the new year ask yourself the following question: who's shoes do we walk in? Physically? Do you walk in shoes that you find comfortable or those that put a strain on your feet and legs? Do you wear shoes that are trendy? Shoes that serve a purpose for exercise?

Spiritually? Do you let God direct your path? Or do you stumble through trying to "measure up" to a someone else's expectations or life style? Remember all who walk life's journey take different steps, through different peaks and valleys -- Would you really want to try on their shoes? Maybe they seem prosperous on the outside, but inside there is an affliction, chronic illness or a dysfunctional family issue or some kind of secret addiction that isn't for all to view....

Let's "take steps" today to put on OUR OWN shoes but tread as He would have us tread! Prayerfully, considerate and always aware of another person's shoe may not be the "perfect" fit...

1 Timothy 6:6 "...Godliness with contentment is great gain."

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  1. Excellent post, my friend! May we all have ears to hear....