Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who Is That Woman I See???

Prov 31:30 "Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing...But a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised"

In the Disney classic, Mulan, there is a song, "Reflections" by Jerry Goldsmith -- "Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?" -- It got me thinking, how am I seen by God? How am I seen by others? Friends? Family? --

Did you ever do the extensive personality testing? For example, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? There was an exercise that was done during the training called the Johari Window. Four Quadrants -- Known to Self, Known to Others, Not Known to Self and Not Known to Others -- the premise being, there are parts of you that you and no other human sees, there are portions that others are aware of and see about you that you are not able to see and there are parts that are unknown to both yourself and others.

Confusing? Yes, but not to our Creator -- He sees into our very being. He spoke us into existence -- It is through faith that we see Him and what He has done for us and all mankind.

What others see -- I recently watched an 80s movie, Krull, with my son -- there is this unsettling scene where a "prophet" has to enter a spider's lair where his former lady love is imprisoned and has to live out eternity in the spider's web. She has aged and her former love doesn't see her that way -- he views her as she was in her younger days, beautiful from the inside out. She knows he's on a quest and because he loves her and sees her in her youthful appearance, she grants him time from an hourglass to save the "king" and the world from an evil force -- she sacrifices her life for his --laid down her life for another -- sound familiar?

Youthful Beauty -- it seems like only a few years ago, there were no wrinkles on my face, no gravitational pull on my life and limb -- fast forward to now and the lady in the mirror that appears to me is getting many lines -- these have all been earned -- thinking, crying, decision making, laughing, grieving, enjoying good days and saddened by the bad days -- but at the heart -- there's no "face lift" in my future -- only one day being lifted up to sit at God's Throne -- How others see me at this present time or in the past just blurs when it comes to Him and His glory!

Aging Gracefully -- Betty White's 90Th birthday party was celebrated on television -- ninety years! She still has her zany craziness, her wit is sharp and her manner still makes you laugh and when she mentions her precious late husband and her work with the animal kingdom, it brings a tear to your eye! Watching her past through the clips was amazing.

Time Marches On! -- Is it that way with us? Are we made up of a collection of segments or an entire whole presentation? On Facebook we now have a timeline format -- marching at us -- a cyber journal of other days and years.

What to do now? -- Treasuring time here, making the most out of every day, every moment, it matters! What will your mirror reflect back at you? What are you doing to make those moments count? Are we all busy with work, hobbies, activities and adventures? How much time do we take to spend with God daily? Weekly? Or none at all?

We are stewards not only with the material things He has blessed us with, but time, as well -- What fills your hourglass? Urgencies? Projects? Deadlines?

Take a moment in front of your mirror and ask, "Who is it that I am? Who is it that He sees? Do others see God's reflection through Christ in me?" Beauty is transitory -- faith is eternal --


  1. This is a precious piece that you have chosen to share with us. Many thanks, and blessing to you!

  2. Thank you Terry -- these are from my heart....don't know how many people I reach -- it's cast upon the waters of "cyber space" --